Three Simple Steps


Eliminate Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar and Red Meat from Your Diet.

Here, we prepare your body for the detox juice phase because it is important not to jump into a low-calorie diet. Our program’s acupuncture treatments, herbal supplements and meal substitutes will help you ease out of various addictions.


Just the Juice, Nothing Else.

This phase is designed to provide your body with essential nutrients and calories to avoid any discomfort going through a normal working day, while facilitating the fat burning process. We believe this balance requires approximately 700 kcal per day, which our Reset Detox Diet juice provides.

Our proprietary juice blend is based on a traditional Korean beverage made with green plums preserved in brown sugar, and includes organic herbs and vegetables that enhance the yin and yang properties of the body. The aging process of the juice also cultivates a rich population of cultures.


Reintroducing Food to Your Body.

After drinking just juice for some days, it is imperative to slowly reintroduce food to your body. We recommend eating solid food again, except without salt, and to continue by avoiding fat and sodium rich foods. Our program is carefully designed to minimize the ‘yo-yo phenomenon’ through a 6-week follow up program.

Three Programs


  • 3-4-3, intestinal rehabilitation & cleansing


  • 4-6-4, lose 10 pounds


  • 5-10-15, lose 15 pounds
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