Reset Detox Diet

If you want to get healthy and lose extra pounds, I suggest going here. You can get a free consultation. They have this scale machine that takes your body’s measurements: weight, BMI, Lean body mass, etc. The measurement result presents your fat vs. water retention. With this, you will be given a program for you to reset your body. They use Ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture to detox. Along the process, you lose weight both fat and liquid for 4 weeks treatment. They provide all the supplements your body needs. You have to go twice a week to the clinic for acupunctures. Of course, during the treatment you are advised to exercise, which is given. But nothing extreme, just light cardio.

Most importantly, I’m a die-hard espresso drinker, so I was expecting major caffeine withdrawal… I didn’t get one at all. Surprised, it must have been the Chinese herbs they gave me. I’m in the middle of my treatment; I must say it’s not easy. I am a foodie and the second phase really got to me. But I don’t regret starting this program. It tested my willpower. So far, I see minor differences. I’m waiting to feel healthier and look skinny. From others who already completed this program is satisfied and I hope I am one of them too.

I was referred to Bliss Acupuncture Clinic by word of mouth. There are few locations in the New York metro area. I go to the one in the city and NJ. Both clinics are clean and staffs are nice. I was sceptical at first but not anymore now. Give it try!

M. R., New York, NY

Skin Condition

I come to Bliss for stress and pain management. During one of my visits earlier this year, I started having severe and repeated case of urticaria all over my body which went on for days without going away. The hives are all over my body/face/scalp/palm of my hand/foot/fingers! I looked and felt horrible. No anti-itch medicine was able to relieve the itchiness. I would soak my hands and feet in ice water in the middle of the night to relieve the burning and itchy sensation. I went to a dermatologist and an allergist for treatment and both diagnosed my condition as chronic urticaria, they prescribed medications and I was told that unfortunately these medications may or may not relieve these symptoms. The explanations by both professionals were vague to me as the case of hives varies. I tried different products and avoided certain foods as per their suggestions but nothing relieved it.

I thought of mentioning my condition to Dr. Daniel in one of my appointments and thankfully he also treat this kind of skin condition. His approach was a combination of acupuncture and herbal medication. The first week that I was on the herbal medicine, the hives immediately got smaller, less frequent and less itchy. My second week was the greatest as there were hardly any appeared on my skin and it was completely gone by the third week. That was last March, 9 months ago and until now I have not had any bad case of hives. There were 2 or 3 occasions in a very small area of my skin but it only went on for an hour and was gone. Dr. Daniel is my miracle doctor and his herb medicine is my wonder drug. Thank you Dr. Daniel from relieving me from this hideous condition. Those were the worst times of my life but your approach really worked!

The staff in Bliss are also very pleasant and accommodating. The facility and equipment are clean. If you have a bad case of hives and have tried everything to cure it, there is no harm in trying to see Dr. Daniel for treatment. It might end up to be the best decision you will make.

Reset Detox Diet

I’ve been coming to Dr. Suh ever since he opened Bliss a couple of months ago. I first started going because of back pain but then he got me into their detox diet program which really worked well for me. They accept most insurances so I barely paid anything. I’ve lost 31 lbs. in about 8 weeks…. That’s pretty awesome! And it’s not just a diet program, it also detoxed my body of all the nasty toxins I’ve been feeding it.. I feel so much more healthier and lighter. The programs not as intense as I thought it would be. I think this is a good program to do every couple of years when you feel like your body’s going on the downside. Thanks Bliss.

Jennifer L., Manhattan, NY


I have bad allergies, I have tried so many different kind of medicine I can possibly find, i even pay over hundreds of $$ for check up my allege last dec… My mon told me I should get some allege acupuncture, since i just knew acupuncture is only for pain…. I did not believe if it does anything…. I find this Bliss because it has three different locations. it is very convenient. I am working NJ or NY. As a freelancer,.. it is very hard to manage my time schedule. Very friendly Staffs and amazing Doctors. I didnt even know, My BlueCross Blue shills insurance cover my acupuncture treatment. Lol!! They check all the detail for me! How nice! Now I am drinking 2 packs of herb every day and acupuncture treatment, once a week. Get better and better!!! Thanks Bliss

Yesun R., Pomona, NY


I definitely recommend this place if you want to try herbal medication or acupuncture to get rid of pain, skin problems, allergies, etc.

I first went to Bliss Acupuncture 2 years ago when I found out I had Psoriasis of the skin. I went to another skin doctor who just prescribed me tons of steroid cream and told me that there was no cure, and that I just had to live with it. After months of steroid cream my skin was just getting worse and I was desperate for a real solution.

I heard great things about Bliss Acupuncture so I decided to check it out. I went to both the NJ location and Manhattan locations. The doctors were super nice and showed me before/after pictures of other patients they worked with who were completely cured. How could I not sign up?

The doctors are all about your optimal health and treating the root of the pain, disease, or discomforts you are having, and I really like that. After a few months of herbal medication and acupuncture treatment, as well as dietary changes that the doctor prescribed for me, I began to see drastic improvements in my skin. A couple of months after that, I was completely healed!

I can now saw with joy that I am Psoriasis free!!! I was afraid it was something that I had to struggle and deal with all my life, but Bliss Acupuncture made me a believer of internal healing.

I signed up again recently to treat my acne problems from the inside-out just like I did my Psoriasis. The facial expert at the Manhattan location is amazing and the receptionist is super nice as well.

All in all, you will not be disappointed here! The doctors know what they are doing, have a proven track-record, and the facilities are very clean and refreshing.
Highly recommended!

Justin S., Tappan, NY

Reset Detox Diet

While not eating solid food for 10days initially seemed scary, doing the reset diet was actually exactly what my body needed to heal the imbalances that some of my not so great habits had created over the years. Doing the diet truly helped to reinvigorate my metabolism and allowed me to really start losing weight. I not only lost weight during the diet but I continue to lose weight months afterward. Doing the reset diet really helped to reset my body and my mind.

Christine L.