What is Seasonal Allergies?


Seasonal Allergies is the collision between external ‘allergens’ and internal ‘false heat’.

We blame the pollen, flower and other allergens during springtime, but the real problem is in the imbalance of the internal system and weakened immune system. In short, our bodies have been overcome with ‘coldness’ which is rooted in kidney yang deficiency. From Traditional Eastern Medicine perspective, kidney deficiency impedes circulation and decreases functionality of the inner organs creating empty deficient heat call the ‘false heat’ that rises upwards. So as the weather starts to get warmer in the springtime and as the spring yang energy is sprouting up through the cold ground, this sprouting energy collides with the ‘coldness’ in our bodies and amplifies the ‘false heat’, causing it to rise up even stronger and bringing about symptoms that we know as seasonal allergies. Simply put, allergic symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion and itchiness are caused due to the collision between the external pathogens, the ‘allergens’, and the inner body pathogenic energy, the ‘false heat’.

Cause & Solutions

Our irregular and stressful lifestyle is at the root of kidney deficiency, but the rest is due to what we can call ‘first world problems’. We spend most of our time in air conditioned spaces, which prevents our bodies from naturally acclimating to the weather by releasing heat and sweat. Also, the more developed a country is, everything is refrigerated and brought out cold for sanitary reasons but, this in turn gave us the habit of taking cold drinks and food. A sedentary lifestyle in front of computers with little or no exercise makes the body more and more cold as well. Thus over time, more ‘false heat’ rises up.

Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic Solutions Seasonal Allergy Package can help you with a combined herbal and acupuncture treatment that will blow your ‘allergy’ symptoms right away in as little as three weeks or less.


Twice a week for 3 weeks


Devised into 3 little pills, twice a day


Brings down the inflammation and opens up the nasal passage


No cold drinks, especially on an empty stomach

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