About Psoriasis

Conventional medical views psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as an autoimmune disease of the skin and joints caused by the malfunction of abnormally activated T-cells, which accelerate the normal skin cell cycle of the body and proliferates them. This is why accumulating skin cells create a scaly surface patch, the main symptom of psoriasis.

As with most autoimmune diseases, Conventional Medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms of psoriasis, by blocking the mechanism that causes the proliferation of the skin cells. While these treatments for psoriasis do work, they are only temporary.

With Traditional Eastern Medicine, we attempt to discover why the disease started in the first place and eliminate the source factor by comparing the body to nature. Psoriasis in the Yin-Yang perspective has the characteristics of dryness and heat—much like a dry riverbed. Since there are no nutrients and moisture coming from the body, the skin becomes scaly and cracks, allowing external toxins to enter the body and cause more inflammation and immune responses.

Treating Psoriasis

We use herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments to strengthen the flow of the qi and blood, which allows body fluids and nutrients to reach the skin. We also prescribe our Skin Herbal Detox Bath Therapy and intestinal rehabilitation programs that help strengthen the immune energy of the body in fighting off the antigen that causes psoriasis in the first place.

Herbal Medicine

As a natural remedy, herbal medicine works by returning a healthy balance to the body’s function. It helps invigorate the body’s energy and is effective in removing accumulated toxins and regulating the blood and fluids of the body.

Skin Herbal Detox Bath Therapy

This is one of the modalities we prescribe in order to treat various skin diseases. Our Skin Herbal Detox Bath Therapy formula helps release pathologic heat out of the body on the skin surface level. It provides immediate relief and helps restore damaged skin. For psoriasis, this therapy slowly melts away the thick scales that cover the skin and prevent internal pathologic heat from escaping.