Treating Neck & Shoulder Pain


  • Immediate relief from sprain and strains
  • Better at removing tension spots than deep tissue massage
  • Improves ROM (range of motion) within few sessions
  • Shoulder blade pain, TMJ symptoms, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain and tear, shoulder bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, brachial plexus injury, myofascial pain syndrome, turtle neck syndrome

VDT syndrome ( video display terminal syndrome ) is usual with white collared workers, who is required to work in front of desks all day long. The awkward position of looking down the computer monitor constantly strains the cervical spine, especially the C5, C6 and C7 regions. Also the between shoulder blade pain is also caused by this sitting and working position. The increased usage of laptops, netbooks, ebooks, tablets and smart phones, all lead to constant strain of the cervical spine and the shoulder.

Since the neck and shoulder region is an integrated region that are consisted by multiple connections of muscle fiber, fascia ligaments and tendons, just by focusing on one joint or one muscle tissue with physical therapy and massages cannot fully treat the complex issue of neck & shoulder pain. Direct muscle acupuncture can immediately relieve the tension of specific muscle tissues and fascias, improving the range of motion (ROM) within few sessions.