A woman’s abdominal cavity, or the peritoneum cavity, contains most of her intestinal organs and also the uterus. As the digestive tracts, uterus and other reproductive organs are situated right next to one other, when one organ has an inflammation, other organs nearby have a high chance of developing similar problems.

Treating Gynecological Problems


In Traditional Eastern Medicine, we provide three main therapies: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Moxibustion. Of these, Moxibustion is used to eliminate pathological coldness or to rebalance internal temperature disorders.

Moxibustion is performed by placing a cone-shaped ‘moxa’ on a specific meridian point of the body, lighting up the tip, and leaving it to slowly burn through. As the cone burns, the heat of the moxa cone is slowly absorbed through the patient’s skin and results in a light chemical reaction that signals and activates the immune reaction of the body, while increasing blood circulation around the moxa.

When the cone is 2/3 burned through, it is removed before the heat causes the patient too much discomfort. Mugwort, the main and only herbal ingredient of the moxa, is a common edible herb used in East Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. In Traditional Medicine, we value Mugwort for heat qualities and its distinct scent, which eliminates the pathological coldness of internal organs, the main cause for most gynecological and obstetric ailments.

AMA (Abdominal Moxa Acupressure)

The uterus is located within the peritoneum cavity of the lower abdominal area. Because it is located below the abdominal muscle tissues, even when you do core muscle exercise or stretching, the uterus is mostly unaffected by it.

Most uterine diseases are a direct result of the accumulation of toxins within the uterus muscle walls, and our AMA was designed by Jeonhee Jang L.Ac to enhance blood circulation in the uterine structure by stimulating and stretching it. Just as exercise and stretching helps heal and rejuvenate your shoulder muscles, it is extremely healing for your internal organs as well.

V-Steam (Vagina Steam)

Moxa cones have different shapes depending upon how they’re being used. For general purposes the moxa cones are produced in small cones for easy usage. But for more specific treatments the moxa cones are different.

The Moxa-shower kit is made for pelvic wall exposure. It is an effective modality for various gynecological symptoms such as infertility, menstrual symptoms, yeast infection and other pelvic wall related ailments.