Is the Reset Detox Diet a fasting diet?


The Reset Detox Diet is NOT A FASTING DIET. It is a diet based on foods that are not solid. The juice provides 700 kcal per day. Since a normal 150-pound person’s basic metabolism rate is around 1300 kcal, this is not enough to run a marathon, but enough to get through a normal work day without trouble.


I want to do the 2-week program, but I’m afraid of going without food for that long.


Our 2 week Reset Detox Diet program is 14-days long, but you will be eating normally for 8 of those days. The juice phase, which is when you only drink the juice, lasts for just 6 days. For the rest of the program, you will eat normally again.


I’m afraid of being hungry.


The amazing thing about the Reset Detox Diet program is that YOU WON’T FEEL HUNGRY. You may mentally crave food but, on a physical level, people do not feel hungry. This is because the detox juice will keep the hunger receptors in your brain satiated with steady supply of glucose.


OK, I’m ready to start the juice diet. But drinking only the juice and not eating for 6 days is scary. Can I do less than that?


Of course. The Reset Detox Diet can be personalized according to your needs. Our practitioners will create a personalized plan that fits your body composition, state of health and life style before commencing the program. For instance, you can begin with a 3-5 day juice diet, and check in with your practitioner to decide whether or not to extend the detox phase. Most people tend to go for the full 10-15 days after they notice they’re not feeling hungry!


So, you’re not hungry at all?


The hunger mechanism is built into the fundamental wiring of your brain, it’s how humanity has survived. Since we do not use strong suppressive chemicals, you may feel a bit of hunger. Most of our patients say they don’t feel physically hungry, although they experience mental cravings for food.


I’ve tried other diet programs. I lost a lot of weight during the diet phase, but immediately gained back all the lost weight and even more when it as over. How is this program different?


The Reset Detox Diet program was designed to help you avoid gaining back the weight you lose and experiencing the yo-yo phenomenon. That is why we include complementary follow-up sessions for 6 weeks after the program is completed. Changing your dietary and exercise habits is the most powerful way of achieving this goal, and it is not hard if you follow the 7-day cycle to eat healthy meals and indulge. Our program focuses on losing weight fast, and on recalibrating your diet and lifestyle. Beginning from the preparation phase, our practitioners’ will make sure you have the support and tools to maintain and lose more weight, if necessary, in the following months.


I don’t eat much but I’m chubby. Can this program help?


Some people are just born with low metabolism. For these people, doing a liquid juice fasting will help get rid of accumulated toxins inside of the body, strengthen the immune system, and increase natural blood circulation. People who experience swellings benefit the most from the Reset Detox Diet program. We also prescribe herbal teas based on Traditional Eastern Medicine to rebalance any abnormalities of the body so it can deal with any functional problems you might be experiencing.


I don’t want to lose weight. I want to do the Reset Detox Diet for an intestinal cleansing and to detoxify the body. Is the Reset Detox Diet program right for me?


Yes. Our herbal juice has been aged in traditional ceramic pot for over 3 years. As with well-aged wine, the fermentation process makes our herbal juice the highest in quality, and cannot be compared to other sugar-based products. Also, during the detox juice phase, you will not be consuming extra sodium except for that in the juice itself. This reduction of sodium helps stagnated bodily fluids to naturally secrete, either through your kidneys or sweat pores. Patients with low blood circulation or edema will notice an immense improvement in their overall symptoms after the program.