Anyone considering the Reset Detox Diet should consult with our qualified health professionals and/or their medical doctors, and clinical nutritionists first. The program is not intended for alcohol or drug detoxification. This program must be voluntary. Consult your primary care provider to find out if a low carbohydrate diet is appropriate for you. Do not stop taking any medication without consulting the prescribing doctor or your family physician. During diets your blood pressure may go down. You should monitor your blood pressure every day. You must go into and come out of the juicing diet phase slowly, or the program’s effectiveness would be less helpful. Take several days or even a week after the program to reintroduce grains, dairy, and meats. Exercise is strongly recommended. You may have discharges of the lungs, nose, or intestines, which are normal and a good sign. You may also have skin eruptions as your body detoxifies. Watch the amount and color of urine and fecal output. Check your tongue, eyes, skin color, and hair texture daily.

The following people should not try the Reset Detox Diet Program:

Pregnant or nursing women. Children under 14. People with anemia, eating disorders, severe diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, cancer, chronic illness, genetic diseases, AIDS or epilepsy. Please consult with your medical doctor before you start any diet programs.