What is Bloating & Indigestion?

Bloating and indigestion is basically your stomach and intestinal wall being ‘stuck’

In Korean, there is a word that is specifically used for acute stomachache combined with bloating and indigestion. ‘체했다’ means one is ‘stuck’, as in food stuck in the stomach region and not digesting properly. This word is derived from Traditional Eastern Medicine theories, that if a person’s Qi circulation is somehow disrupted and not circulating properly, it becomes hindered causing pain and discomfort and functional disruptions of the localized region.

Anatomically we can imagine what is going on with these conditions. Since the stomach and intestinal walls are all soft tissues and muscles, they are as much prone to sudden spasms and strain as that of skeletal muscles. Since the sensory nerves are sparsely located in the intestinal structure compared to a densely populated skeletal muscles, the body doesn’t feel the intestinal muscle strain as specifically as a skeletal muscle strain. Instead it feels as if something is ‘stuck’. Well at least that is how ancient Koreans felt.

Bloating is a lesser version of having an acute ‘stuck’ condition. While the stomach and intestinal walls are not as severely strained, it is still having troubles functioning as usual their normal intestinal contractions.

So how should you treat these extremely painful and discomforting symptoms? You should treat it just as you would treat yourself when having a strained shoulder or neck muscle. Resting, heat therapy and stretching. Unfortunately, people feel at loss of how to stretch and relax your intestines. For that Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic has a special treatment method we call the ‘Abdominal Tui-na’.

Treating Bloating & Indigestion?

Abdominal Tui-na specializes in treating intestinal diseases

Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic specializes in treating these ‘stuck’ conditions of the intestines. We use a combined treatment method, we call the ‘Abdominal Tui-na’ by utilizing Acupuncture, Abdominal manual manipulation and Moxibustion, all in one session, to eliminate the intestinal muscle strain and spasm, helping the body recover its natural bowel rhythm and function. Its focus is in relaxing the overtly tense muscles of the intestines and eliminating the strain of the specific muscle.  For acute symptoms it usually only takes one session to treat, but for chronic conditions like IBS and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) symptoms it will take several session to improve.