What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Chronic intestinal diseases are extremely irritating and painful. It not only disrupts your health but also your social life. It causes severe mental stress and irritation leading to depression and anxiet.

As with indigestion and bloating, chronic intestinal ailments like the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are also connected to the condition of the intestinal walls. Usually unknown reasons lead to chronic inflammation of the bowel walls causing these symptoms. Unfortunately treating the fundamental cause of the symptoms are still on the ‘to do’ list of researchers.

The usual conventional treatment method is to reduce and minimize the inflammation itself. Most western medicine tries to achieve this by prescribing steroid or other anti-inflammatory medications, but all are with their own side-effects.

Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic tries to help patients lower their inflammation by a healthier and holistic way. We use the Abdominal Tui-na treatments combined with herbal medication.


Cause & Treat

Changes in diet is also required. Instead of just focused eating on ‘healthy’ foods like green vegetables and high fiber food, depending on the patient’s body characteristic type, the conventional ‘healthy’ foods might actually be the cause of digestive tract issues. For a person who is suffering from constant indigestion and bloating, raw green vegetables might be harmful to them. Instead they should be eating low fiber foods with high calories, like white rice instead of whole wheat breads. For a person who is suffering from IBS might need to avoid old characteristic foods like dairy products, wheat and barley.

Green vegetables not being ‘healthy’ might sound extremely illogical to you but, this is because Traditional Eastern Medicine’s nutrition theories consider not just the usual chemical nutrients but also their ‘heat’ and ‘cold’ characteristics too.

Abdominal Tui-na helps with eliminating your intestinal inflammation.

In Traditional Eastern Medicine, everybody have different body characteristics. Some are born with a stronger body, while others have a relatively weaker body. Of course this can be overcome with exercise and training, but the fundamental congenital difference is still there. Same thing applies to the digestive system. Some people unfortunately have a weaker digestive functionality than others. These people are more prone to indigestions and ailments of the digestive tract. Since having a weaker functionality also means having a less effective recovery system, that person’s intestinal walls will also be more prone to injury and inflammation. The ‘Abdominal Tui-na’ is focused on relieving the unnatural tension and strain of the intestinal soft tissues and helps increase the fundamental blood circulation of the digestive tract thus, improving their functionality and their recovery from inflammation and injury.