Maintenance Phase

Most people struggle after completing a diet program because losing weight is easier than maintaining the lost weight. And this is where the Reset Detox Diet program differs from other diet programs—our program is so effective because we designed it with maintenance in mind.

The ‘7 day Cycle’

Keeping yourself on a ‘7-day Cycle’ is an effective way to maintain a healthy diet while appeasing cravings.

It’s easy. For 6 days of the week, you continue having a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and light dinner. Our only rule is “no carbs after 2pm.”

But on your 1 day off, you can eat whatever you want—ice cream, cheesecake or those delicious chunky chocolate-chip cookies. The only rule during this day off is “no carbs after 2pm.”

Research show that the body only absorbs the amount your body is accustomed to eating. That is, if you eat an unusual amount once in a while, the body just ignores the additional food. So maintaining a healthy diet on 6 days and indulging just 1 day out of the week, will ensure that you maintain your weight loss and remain healthy.


Eat the Same, but at a different time


The preparation and the recovery phases of the Reset Detox Diet are all about changing the way you eat, not about eating less. It is about eating the same amount at different times. By doing this for a few weeks, we slowly change your dietary habits.

As during the preparation and recovery phases, a big healthy breakfast should consist of approximately 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 20% essential fat. So enjoy a bagel, a boiled egg, some fruit, milk, cereal and even a sausage.

For lunch, eat a moderate amount. Not too light, not too heavy. But dinner should be light. Instead of having a salad for lunch, save it for dinner. And no carbs after 2 pm! Skipping dinner, or substituting it with the Cleanfat is also a good idea.

Slow and Steady…and Exercise

You will not lose weight quickly during the maintenance phase. If you do it right, weight reduction will happen at a slow and steady pace of around 2 lbs per 4 weeks. Although it might seem minimal compared to the 10-15 lbs lost during the Reset Detox Diet program, it will add up in the long run. The goal here is to prevent your body from returning to your original state.

If you’ve maintained the meal habits of the Reset Detox Diet, you’ll easily accomplish this and more. Also, exercise is a must. As you know, exercise doesn’t help with weight loss, but it’s essential in maintaining lost weight.

We’ll be there with you

Researchers have found that after losing 10-15 pounds, the following 3-4 weeks are the most essential in successfully maintaining lost weight.