Columnist: Bon Young Suh L.Ac, Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Bliss Acupuncture Clinic focus on treating the allergy in a fundamental wayby regulating your qi circulation

Allergies used to be called “seasonal allergies” because they only occurred when pollen was in the air. Now “seasonal” stands for each of the four seasons, and allergy symptoms often persist throughout the year.

Experts say that the unnatural cleanness of our environment is what causes our immune systems to react more to allergens, and this is why allergy patients continue to grow in numbers. This environmental factor seems to be true when we consider the statistics: children who grow up near animals on farms, or in nature friendly environments, suffer less from seasonal allergies.

However, even with extra outdoor activities and petting zoo or farm visits, our children seem to be suffering as much as they were before. What else are we missing?

Practitioners of Traditional Korean and Chinese Medicine find another critical reason for allergies, and that is in refrigerated food and cold drinks. This is because the unnaturally cold drinks that children love to drink decreases the ‘heat’ of the intestinal organs, leading to internal heat deficiency and, in due course, to chronic allergies.


To use the metaphor of a house as our body makes this easier to understand. When the hearth in our house is cold, moisture forms on the walls and leads to mold. But if a fire is burning hot in the hearth, it dries out the moisture and keeps the walls free of mold. Drinking an excess of cold drinks is like snuffing out the fire in the fireplace. It leads to excessive internal dampness, chronic inflammation, and surfaces as allergic symptoms.

At Bliss Acupuncture Clinic, our Allergy Treatment Program is designed to eliminate this excessive internal dampness with the help of acupuncture, herbal tea and ointments. We focus on treating the allergy in a fundamental way by regulating your qi circulation to eliminate inflammation and mucus, and by re-igniting your body’s internal heat.