Columnist: Daniel Yi L.Ac, Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Remove Skin Disease by Strengthening the Immune System of Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinics bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from Tradition Korean Medicine (TKM) to their eczema and psoriasis patients with the goal of improving the quality of their lives. Our practitioners spend time with individual patients for an accurate assessment of their skin condition since each patient expresses a certain uniqueness in their disorder. At our clinics both eczema and psoriasis cases are assessed and divided into three subtypes, depending on the symptoms expressed and the extent of the affected area. Determining a patient’s constitutional subtype is critical to treating the root cause of visible manifestations on the skin’s surface that reveals itself as eczema or psoriasis. Once the constitutional subtype is determined, different combinations of TKM modalities that are specific to the subtype are applied to heal and treat the patient.

Acupuncture may be used locally or systematically, depending on the extent of the affected area. An herbal bathing solution, or “Detox Bath,” may be used to reduce surface inflammation and itching while locking more moisture into the skin. Herbal ointments, creams and toners may be used to lower the skin’s surface heat, minimize irritation, and moisturize dry areas. An herbal concoction to be taken orally will be prepared to match the specific subtype of the patient’s condition. And last, but not least, dietary counseling and lifestyle guidance are offered during the treatment process.




Statistical results from the NIH and CDC indicate that there are millions of eczema patients in the US, and 5 millions more with psoriasis. Chances are that you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, or that you know of someone who suffers from the two disorders. At Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic our goal is to apply nature’s healing properties to restore your body’s ability to heal itself. Traditional Korean Medicine offers a safe and gentle long-term solution for patients, to prolong the remission state so they may continue to improve and enjoy the quality of their lives.