Columnist: Sung Mun Jung, L.Ac PhD, Bliss Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

The Reset Detox Diet is a 3-step program customized for each individual constitution. We improve a patient’s organ function and metabolism using herbs, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, high frequency electrical treatment, moxibustion, and cupping.




First Step, Preparation:
After evaluating a patient’s constitution and body weight, we eliminate damp-phlegm, food stagnation, edema, blood stasis, and constipation in preparation for the body to physiologically lose weight.

Second Step, Detoxification:
During the detox period we allow the digestive system to rest by prohibiting food intake, which is different from fasting with only water intake. The Reset Detox Diet provides patients with a special fermented juice, rich with enzymes that are absorbed easily by the stomach and intestines, providing the glucose and energy necessary for the heart and brain. This prevents the body from feeling stressed or hungry, thereby allowing patients to continue with their daily lives. Furthermore, the enzymes and zymogens in our fermented juice help to revitalize the intestines and its functions through the secretion of old feces from the intestines.

Third Step, Maintenance:
A low-sodium diet, eating smaller portions, and eating slower will reduce the addiction to food. Exercise will help increase muscle mass, which will increase the basal metabolic rate. This is a remodeling step where we improve deficient organ functions and raise the body’s metabolism. Through this final maintenance step, we also prevent the yo-yo effect.

The Reset Detox Diet Program will transform a patient’s constitution by balancing the circulation of Qi (energy), removing toxins from the body, allowing the body to naturally heal, balancing the hormones, and regulating eating habits. However, repeating old habits of overeating, binging, or an irregular diet will cause the body to again accumulate toxins. Just because you cleaned the house once doesn’t mean the house will stay clean. You’ll have to continue to make sure to keep the house tidy and visit neighbors with clean houses to keep yourself motivated. People who are healthy and fit work hard to win the fight against their urges.